As a travel destination, Egypt offers many popular and off-beat sites. Of all the ways available for exploring Egypt - a tailor-made tour, group tour or independent tour - which one is the best?

Tailor-made tours versus independent travel

A tailor-made tour of Egypt is going to be more enjoyable compared to an independently designed itinerary. When designing an itinerary on your own, you can end up missing out on key information about places. Since you only have limited time to travel, you may struggle to plan your days to make the most of your time in the different cities and towns around the country. It may get frustrating to negotiate with the taxi-drivers, felucca ride providers and horse-carriage operators without a local to guide you.

On a personalized tailor-made tour, travelers get exclusive entries to sights that are otherwise not open to regular tourists who travel independently. There is also no question of overpaying for services as all costs are covered by the travel agency. Private tours turn out to be more convenient and economical and you will be secure from the local haggling. The local travel operators have an extensive network of partnerships with hotels, restaurants, entertainment providers, transport providers, and other services. So they know the right hotels and experiences to recommend and book for you based on your budget.

Egypt Tailor Made Day Tours

Private tours versus group tours

Escorted group tours cater to several people in a single trip. It is likely that some of the activities that are organized as a part of the tour may not interest you. You will also be constrained by the timings of the group tour - when to wake up, when to leave the hotel, when to see a particular sight. You may end up feeling like you have visited Egypt but not really experienced it.

Private tours are more flexible and give travelers a chance to experience things at their own pace. You can check off items off your bucket list - like riding a camel during sunset while enjoying the views of the Giza Pyramids. Sights that are otherwise very crowded like the Egyptian Museum, can be enjoyed in complete privacy with private openings conducted by your travel agency. Private tours also allow travelers to connect more personally and intimately with the local people, culture, and lifestyle. You get your own personal time with the Egyptologist and driver, so you can decide where you want to go and when. You can also define the level of comfort you would like - if you want a luxury holiday in Egypt , then that is exactly what your travel agency will design for you and your family.

Egypt Tailor Made Private Tours

What is arranged for you in a tailor-made tour

When you book your personalized Egypt vacation through a trusted local operator, you can be assured of complete peace of mind as everything is arranged for you. Once you’re in the country, your domestic travel, accommodations, activity bookings and even meals at restaurants will be pre-planned and booked for you. So you don’t have to stand in queues, worry about missing an attraction or navigate through rush-hour traffic.

If your operator happens to be a boutique agency they will focus on you completely during your entire travel. They will take you behind-the-scenes, show you both the urban and countryside of Egypt and keep you away from the crowds.

What to look for in an agency when looking for a tailor-made Egypt tour

Not every travel agency in Egypt will deliver what it advertises so you must know what to look for when selecting an agency. For instance, if an agency advertises a Luxury Nile Cruise in Egypt, will their service really be premium and five-star quality?

Consider booking with a boutique travel agency as they will give you complete personalized attention right from the pre-booking stage. They will really get to know you as guests and friends, and not just make bookings. They will focus on giving you an immersive experience by including both popular as well as offbeat attractions across the country. Travelers must also consider checking out travel and social networking websites like Tripadvisor, Facebook and YouTube to see what other guests have to say about their experiences with a particular agency.


A tailor-made tour is the best way to get more out of your time and money spent in Egypt. A group tour may not do justice to providing a holistic experience of a land with such ancient history and rich culture. An independent tour may turn out to be too hectic to plan on your own. A tailor-made tour to Egypt, on the other hand, is designed by a local travel agency that knows the ins and outs of their country very well. They will design an itinerary based solely on your tastes, interests, budget and time constraints. You won’t have to plan anything or oversee any bookings except for preparing your documentation to arrive in Egypt. The agency will also provide you with a highly-qualified Egyptologist to be your constant guide and companion. Getting around Egypt and overcoming its language and cultural barriers would be nearly possible without an Egyptologist. Only a tailor-made Egypt tour will give you complete peace of mind to sit back, relax and enjoy your holiday with a truly authentic experience.

Tailormade tours we offer

No two travelers are alike, and Egypt offers something for everyone. So, it is recommended to have an itinerary designed that makes the most of your time here. For inspiration, you can check out these private tours.