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About Us

High End Journeys is a boutique luxury travel agency, started by Egyptologists and best friends, Ahmed Aziz and Ramez Salama. Both share a passion for travel and draw on their combined industry experience of 34 years to deliver a personalized itinerary for their guests. They work with a singular aim in mind - to create unforgettable memories for every traveler.

It's hard to find more knowledgeable, funny, and friendly guides than Ramez and Ahmed, the leaders of High-End Journeys. I wrote my article on Forbes thanks to their insight.

Our Story

Together we have over 30 years of experience in the Luxury Tour industry in Egypt, directing tours with one of the leading companies in the luxury market around the world.

While we value the comfort and amenities existing luxury tours offer, we both have come to realize that too often these luxury tours were missing a real human connection - and especially an opportunity to connect with the people of Egypt and the valuable sites and experiences that are off the well-beaten track of every other luxury tour.

Our vision was to create a tour experience that offered all of the comfort and standards that one has come to expect from over 100 years of luxury tours in Egypt, but with a modern spin that caters to the traveler committed to experiencing the hidden gems of Egypt outside of the typical tourist bubble.

The more we imagined what a new generation of luxury touring could become, the more we realized we were uniquely qualified to offer those experiences to our clients.

Five years ago, while both directing on the same luxury cruise on the Nile, we had one especially enthusiastic client who encouraged us out of his own experience as an entrepreneur and businessman, to make our dream a reality today while we were young and positioned to become leaders in changing the luxury tour market in Egypt into the future.

So we took that leap of faith in 2016 and established High End Journeys in 2017. Come along with us as we take you off the beaten path to experience the future of travel in Egypt.

Our Vision

This is our vision for what a high-end luxury tour should be all about: connecting people to people; helping people experience Egypt outside the tourist bubble; allowing Egypt to inspire and change our understanding of the world around us all. Egypt’s ancient history and timeless culture have the power to transform the lives of our guests. We have witnessed that incredible transformation first hand and know that we are called to accompany this next generation of travelers to Egypt to continue to be changed by its people and its treasures.

Travel Egypt in luxury, the way you want

Feel like watching the sunset by the Giza Pyramids? Or want to savour wine on a private yacht as you sail down the river Nile? Or want to dine on an authentic gourmet meal on a felucca on the river at Aswan?

Give us your bucket-list and we will make it happen!"

Any request we had was immediately granted with a smile, quick nod, and DONE. To top off our very last night of the trip, Ramez, co-owner of High End Journeys, met us, looked in our eyes, shook our hands and introduced us to his family. We almost cried. We were shocked!!

Meet the founders

Ahmed Aziz and Ramez Salama first met each other while studying at the School of Egyptology. They are both Egyptologists and have been helping travelers since 2003, to discover the authentic side of their country. They are also former employees to some of the best luxury tour operators in the world. They started High End Journeys together in 2016 - curating journeys and sharing insider stories that “wow” their guests.


Ahmed Aziz is a professional Egyptologist. He graduated in 2003 from the Faculty of Tourism & Hotels, Cairo University with a Bachelor’s degree in Egyptology. He has personally guided a host of high-end clients throughout Egypt, including Hollywood stars, distinguished politicians and the world’s biggest businessmen. He has been married since 2006 and is a father of one. He is a former member of the Egyptian national water polo team. He is an Ironman triathlete and endurance sports enthusiast. He has also managed hospitality and travel arrangements at some of Egypt’s top sporting events.


Ramez Salama's love and passion for his country and its amazing history led him to study Egyptology from Helwan University. He has guided a selection of leading diplomats, foreign businessmen, and world-famous musicians. He loves meeting people from different countries and explore their cultures. He has traveled to over fifteen countries - from the Great Wall of China to the game parks of Eastern Africa. He has seen the great castles of Europe, and hiked across the outstanding nature trails of North America. Ramez delivers lectures on Egyptian history and heritage at American churches and schools – particularly in Kansas, Texas, and California. He also serves as a guest lecturer on Windstar Cruise Line. Ramez’s area of expertise is Pharaonic Egypt, and he takes pleasure in leading clients around the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Meet the team

Mahmoud Fekery

Mahmoud Fekery Born and raised in Monufia, a small town near Cairo, he earned a degree in Tourism and Hospitality from Cairo university in 2006. His love and passion for his job has made him excel in what he does. He is a very detailed oriented. He is responsible for all the logistics of the tour on ground. Our travelers always feel in love with him and that is why he gained the title "The Guardian Angel"

Hala El Sayeed

Hala El Sayeed is born and raised in Cairo. She earned her degree in Political Science from the American university in Cairo back in 1987. Her love and passion for Egyptian history led her to study Egyptology and guide tours from 1993. Hala holds a Master degree in Islamic Art. Hala is always eager to introduce Egypt in its glorious past, educate her guests on the contemporary and modern history of Egypt, explaining the different traditions and cultures that form the Egyptian character.

Ola Zayed

Ola Zayed is an Egyptologist guide. She has been in business for the past 26 years. Ola has a wide experience working with American guests from university alumni associations such as Duke, Yale, Virginia, Maryland and a lot more. She excels in giving lectures about ancient and modern Egypt where her strength is in delivering the picture of the Egyptian life through her own eyes as an Arab-Egyptian woman who roamed the world.

Assem Omar

Assem Omar born and raised in Alexandria, he has been a licensed Egyptologist for over 28 years. Assem’s passion in life is guiding travelers who would like to explore and learn in depth about Egypt’s amazing culture & wonderful traditions. It is always his pleasure to meet new people who share his passion and enthusiasm towards history & ancient monuments.